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An organization of fly fishing guides and logistic operators, dedicated to take outdoor experiences such as fly fishing, horseback riding, trekking, photography or other emergent and occasional ones, to another level, pairing FLYFISHING, AWESOME LANDSCAPES AND HIGH RANGE WINE. We In its development we provide the logistics necessary to undertake an experience related to the activities mentioned above, including coordination of travel, accommodation, food, provision of equipment, transfers and specific technical advice to develop the activity.


Transfer IN-OUT

We take you to the experience's selected places in ours exclusive vehicles.

HD Photographic Coverage

Your experience registered in HD photo and video.


Selected high range wines.

Professional Team

Professionality guaranteed in our guides, chefs, photographers, drives and equipment.

Typical Food

Travel accompanied by typical lunches of the place.

Guide Service

All our trips include a pro guide, who shows you how to get the best experience and guides you to selected places.

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SAN PABLO Experience

The Estancia San Pablo (1800 m) is located 30 km south-west of the village of Tupungato, in Valle de Uco, province of Mendoza, Argentina. It extends over 44'000 hectares, to the Chilean border, at the foot of the Tupungato volcano (6700 m). In its interior runs the homonymous stream, always with crystalline waters and rich in free trichópteras, efemeropteras and plecotteras. There is very typical to see dozens of mayflies in our clothes. The stream hosts rainbow trout averaging half a kilo to 2kg as "Big Charlie". A stream of high productivity, dynamic and entertaining fishing, with perfect structures.

This pack inlcudes:
• Transfer IN-OUT.
• Breackfast.
• Transfer around the Estancia.
• Lunch with drinks.
• Fly fishing guide.

Start point: Ciudad de Mendoza.
Location: A 30 km al sur-oeste de la villa de Tupungato, en Valle de Uco, provincia de Mendoza, Argentina.
Duration aprox.: 8 horas.

Estancia Guiñazu - EL MANZANO

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210 US per person (dollars or equivalent in pesos)
This public access stream is a great school for beginner fishermen, where the search for our long-awaited trout becomes a great challenge, using nymphs and dry flies will achieve our goal.

This pack includes:

Transfer IN-OUT.
• Breackfast.
• Fly fishing guide.
Roasted meat (Asado) for lunch, with drinks and wine.

Start point: Hotel ciudad de Mendoza.
Location: Manzano Histórico, Tunuyán, Mendoza, Argentina.
Duration aprox.: 10 horas

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The upper course of the Pircas is surprising, almost unexplored. The trouts of this sector are fierce, we find Fontinalis and Arcoiris that hover between 500 grams and 1 kilo of pure energy. Nymphs and droughts provide remarkable experiences. At the end of the day roasts are prepared and excellent wines are shared.

This pack includes:

• Transfer IN-OUT.
• Breackfast.
• Fly fishing guide.
• Roasted meat (Asado) for lunch, with drinks and wine.

Start point: Hotel ciudad de Mendoza.
Location: Manzano Histórico, Tunuyán, Mendoza, Argentina.
Duration aprox.: 8 horas

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